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I spent the night with Walt Willey…but all I did was laugh!

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Hey Folks!

As many of you know, during my 25 years as All My Children’s “Jackson Montgomery” I was on the road with my Wild and Willey Comedy Tour when I had time away from the show.

I’ve been doing stand-up comedy for over 20 years, headlining at top clubs like The Comedy Store, Catch A Rising Star, The Icehouse, Zanies, Sidesplitters, McCurdy’s, Comedy Zone and the Improv, as well as smaller clubs all over the country.

What do I talk about?  Kids, pets, women, marriage, fans, love, sex…you know, LIFE!  My life, anyway.  And yours too, I bet!

With the September anniversary of All My Children’s demise and the release (late Fall) of my new comedy DVD (working title: Jack’s Off!), the Wild and Willey Comedy Tour is going to be a hot ticket!

But you don’t have to take my word for it…here’s what some of the folks who came to see the Wild and Willey Comedy Tour have to say:

Walt Willey - Fans of Wild of Willey


Lori says: “ You were amazing! What a great show! Thanks for coming to Palm Beach!”

Michele says: "Just got back from the Improv. Saw Walt Willey do his standup comedy show. He was so funny that, at one point, I was laughing so hard that I had tears coming down my face!"

Mark says: “My wife & I saw your shows the last 2 times you were in KC. We laughed our asses off!

Erin says: “The show was awesome!!!”

Tina says:  “I saw you at the Nashville Zanies – you are so awesome to your fans!”

Angela says: “My husband & I went to see him at Snickers Comedy Club. He did a great job & I was thrilled that I got to meet him after the show! Miss Jackson & the rest of the AMC cast!”


Thanks, Folks, for all the kind words!  Those of you that know me know that being on the road and entertaining you is a passion for me…glad you enjoy it, too!


And here’s what club owners that have booked the Wild and Willey Comedy Tour have to say:

McCurdy's Logo  “Walt Willey has been performing at McCurdy's Comedy Theatre for over ten years.  He has a strong following… Walt is not just a well-known actor that can tell a joke or two…he is a solid comedian!

Any one promoting Walt should find a substantial following from All My Children fans…the bonus is that people who attend with them that do not know Walt will enjoy his show equally as well and many will become fans! 

He is extremely easy to work with and is great on Radio and Television interviews”


Zanies logo   “Walt has been doing the Chicagoland Zanies – all three, twice a year – for fifteen years or more.  He always packs the place and is very easy to work with…

His fans from All My Children flock to see him…he is always available for promotional support – he’s even dressed like a leprechaun for the Chicago FOX News!”


Side Splitter logo   Walt has appeared here many, many times and we’ve always done well.

Last year, after his show, we had to move the crowd outside for autographs.  Two hours later, Walt was still there, taking pictures, signing T-shirts.  He loves his fans and they love him!

He’s all about promotion – graphics support, social media and co-op advertising – whatever it takes!”

And there you have it!

Club Owners and Comedy Bookers

For more information, please go to:

Walt Willey Booking Information

We’ll get right back to you!

Thanks!  See you “on the road”!

Walt Willey

Join Walt Willey for a hilarious night of stand-up comedy.  See photo gallery and appearances calendar for ticket information


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