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Wild Bill On AHC Gunslingers
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Barbara Zimet
1 post
May 28, 2016
4:25 PM
Hi Mr. Willey,

I have to be honest with you, I never watched you on your soap opera, however I was familiar with you due to it. Last summer I became rapt by the Gunslingers series on the American Heroes Channel and I have to tell you in all honesty I was truly blown away by your performance as Wild Bill Hickcok, in fact I am watching now as I am watching it now for I think the 4th time. I was very sad that they did not continue this series, I am sure that there are plenty more stories to tell. I was also so taken with the stories of Bass Reeves who I never had heard of I wound up contacting Bob Bell Boze to find out what book I could read to learn more as well as wanting to learn more about Bat Masterson. Your performance truly deserved an award. My hat is off to you sir. I did not see you playing a role, all I saw was Wild Bill Hickok on that screen all the time. It takes a lot to forget that I am watching an actor portraying someone else and you did it masterfully, and I really felt that I wanted to share this with you. When I am finally done reading about Bass and Bat I might move on to Wild Bill because I am sure there is still so much more to learn. Thank you for the education and the entertainment that I have yet to forget.

Barbara Zimet
1 post
Jun 01, 2016
7:03 PM
He was excellent as Bill! I saw it in person in Ottawa Illinois.
He's a very talented actor and have enjoyed all the plays he has done every year in Ottawa too. Looks like he has something new coming up in late July also!
7 posts
Feb 16, 2019
12:55 AM
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Kaeden Haiden
18 posts
Aug 09, 2019
3:45 PM
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