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Walt Willey Flashback 08/08/14
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Aug 07, 2014
8:42 PM

Flashback Friday with Walt Willey!

The questions:  Why are they at the hospital?  Whose baby is Erica holding? 

Be the first to answer these questions correctly after Walt posts a notice on Facebook/Twitter and you will be entered into a drawing to WIN a personal call from Walt and his new comedy DVD. Post your answers below. 


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Aug 08, 2014
4:44 AM
They're in the hospital because JR pushed Bianca out the window trying to keep her from taking her baby, because he had been raising her as his own. The Baby is Bianca's baby, Miranda. This is the first time Erica held her real grandchild.
Donna B
1 post
Aug 08, 2014
5:17 AM
That was when JR pushed Bianca off the balcony, she's in the hosptial, and Erica got Adam to give baby Miranda back.
53 posts
Aug 08, 2014
9:15 AM
Congratulations to Sophia123 for being the first to correctly answer the questions!!
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12:15 AM
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