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Walt Willey Flashback 07/11/14
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Jul 10, 2014
4:44 PM

Flashback Friday with Walt Willey!

It is July 1999

The questions:  What character is dead?  Name the actress that plays his mysterious wife?  What is her character's name?

Be the first to answer these questions correctly after Walt posts a notice on Facebook/Twitter and you will be entered into a drawing to WIN a personal call from Walt and his new comedy DVD.Post your answers below

Flashback 07/11/14

45 posts
Jul 11, 2014
10:01 AM
Good try Valleygirl2011. Keep trying!
46 posts
Jul 11, 2014
10:23 AM
You are correct Tdopp. Congratulations you are the winner for this week!
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Dec 25, 2018
9:57 PM
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