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Walt Willey Flashback 03/28/14
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Mar 27, 2014
4:23 PM

Flashback Friday

Who are the 2 actors sitting with Walt Willey and what project are they promoting?  Post your answer below.  The first to answer correctly after Walt posts on Facebook/Twitter will be put in a drawing to win a DVD and a phone call from Walt. 

Walt Willey
3 posts
Apr 25, 2014
8:47 AM
Welcome to "Friday Flashback Fun Foto Facts"! See if you have the correct answer and win a place in our Grand Prize drawing pool to win a Wild and Willey Comedy DVD and a phone call from me! Good luck! And thanks for visiting!
7 posts
Apr 25, 2014
8:53 AM
Chance Willey and Bobbie Eakes.
They are promoting Death Trap.
8 posts
Apr 25, 2014
8:55 AM
Chance Willey and Bobbie Eakes.
They are promoting Death Trap.
1 post
Apr 25, 2014
9:07 AM
That was fast. Tweeted 21 mins ago. Didn't have a chance to participate.
9 posts
Apr 25, 2014
9:25 AM
Congratulations to Marva!! 2 time winner!!
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17 posts
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