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Walt Willey Media > "The Young And The Restless" Rumors: ‘AMC’ Alum Walt Willey Joins ‘Y&R;’ Soap Vet To Play Sharon’s Long-Lost Father?

27 Dec 2016


"The Young And The Restless" Rumors: ‘AMC’ Alum Walt Willey Joins ‘Y&R;’ Soap Vet To Play Sharon’s Long-Lost Father?


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The Young and the Restless spoilers tease Sharon McAvoy’s (Sharon Case) life will take a complicated turn in the coming weeks. Not only is her husband, Dylan (Steve Burton) leaving Genoa City, it looks like her father may end up in Genoa City searching for the daughter he left behind decades ago. The Young and the Restless has not revealed too much about Sharon’s family, other than her mother was paralyzed when Sharon was a teenager.

The Young and the Restless rumors that Sharon’s father is coming to Genoa City in February has plagued social media for months. It started to pick up steam after Sally Sassman took the reigns of the writing and declared that she wanted to get the soap opera back to the core characters on the show. Sassman revealed that she saw the core character of the soap opera to be Sharon, Victor (Eric Braeden), Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), Nick (Joshua Morrow), Jack (Peter Bergman), Ashley (Eileen Davidson), Billy (Jason Thompson) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle).

According to TV Insider, Sally wants to bring the Young and the Restless back to the good ‘ole days when the soap opera was rated number one by the fans. She hopes to tell multi-level stories and ditch the storylines that the viewers hate. It looks like she has started to work her magic already. Victoria’s teenage son, Reed will be arriving in Genoa City in the next few days, and Sharon’s father could show up on her doorstep in a few weeks. The Young and the Restless seems to be stepping away from bed-hopping and who’s-the-daddy storylines.

Walt Willey (Ex-AMC Jackson Montgomery) posted to his Facebook page that the rumors suggest that he joined the cast of the Young and the Restless as Sharon’s father, Aaron. He didn’t confirm the scoop but asked his followers if they would like to see him on the show. His poll revealed that most people were thrilled that Y&R was considering casting Sharon’s father and would watch the show if Willey was on the soap opera. He made sure to say that he cannot confirm (nor deny) that he would appear on the show but wanted to address the rumor since it was creating significant buzz on social media.

When Dylan leaves the Young and the Restless in the next few weeks, Sharon’s storyline will nearly disappear. She will be seen once a week (at best) when she battles the Newmans’ about visiting Faith. It looks like the writers has another plan in mind —- to give her a family member to show up with a mysterious past.

The Young and the Restless could use a leading man to give Ashley a love interest. The viewers loved Ashley with Dr. Neville (Michael E. Knight), but he was forced out of town a few months ago. Is it possible the writers want to pair Ashley up with Sharon’s father?

If Walt Willey shows up in Genoa City as Sharon’s father, Aaron, what could be his reasons to reach out to his daughter after all these years? Is it possible that he wants to blackmail or beg her for a financial handout? It is also a possibility that he managed to get his life together reaching out to Sharon is his way of making things right. Whatever his reasons are; it ought to be great Young and the Restless drama for Sharon will learn that her dad reached out to her, but not know the exact reason why.The Young and the Restless fans, would you like to see Walt Willey as Sharon’s father, Aaron?

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